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Meet Our Horses

On Labor Day 2013, we took possession of our first two horses. They had belonged to a young woman who could no longer afford their upkeep and wanted them to go to a safe place.


Shay is a 23+ year old strawberry Appaloosa mare. Although she was significantly underweight when she arrived, by May of the following year the veterinarian declared her healthy enough to begin working towards being ridden. She lunges beautifully in the ring, but because of her age and arthritis, she won't be ridden by an adult, but will tolerate a child. Shay will live out her days being loved-on by the children who visit the farm.


Sphynx is a 13+ year old black Arabian gelding. He and Shay were pasture mates for quite some time and he had been "adopted" by Shay. He allowed her to eat first, and had become significantly underweight himself. He was flighty, and would not allow anyone near him. With eight months of good care, he is no longer stand-offish. Once he was separated from Shay, he began to act his age and is a handsome horse once again! He has been ridden easily and is ready to relearn some of his groundwork. Because the two horses are close, and because Sphynx is so good with people, he will not be put up for adoption. He is an excellent emissary for the Horse Rescue Program.


We hope to expand and bring other horses into the program to help make them healthy again and find good, loving homes.



Second Chance Ranch of DE, located in Felton within the county of Kent in the State of Delaware is a non-profit all volunteer organization.

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